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Hallo, and thank you for visiting.

I’m a retired history Professor who has lived in Wales for thirty years. While a lecturer, I researched histories of marginalized and mobile peoples, such as refugees, migrants and travellers. (You can find details of my publications in the ‘Essays’ tab.) After retirement, I fulfilled one of my lifelong ambitions: I took up Creative Writing.

My first novel, The Displaced began with research into refugees during the Second World War, when I noticed that some of the life histories of both refugees and UN aid-workers sounded like novels.

I’m currently writing a sequel to The Displaced.

Apart from all that: I was born in London, but now, Wales feels like home for me and my partner. I enjoy walking the quiet  green spaces of the Monmouthshire-Brecon Canal, listening to trad-jazz and psychedelic-folk, and making  ginger and apricot flapjacks.

I’m available to give presentations and readings from The Displaced and my other works. Go to ‘Contact’ to find my contact email address.


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